One of my favorite things to do with data is to communicate it with a dashboard. These are two projects that I've done. One is a D3.js tool and one is Rent that is actually being used by Richman Group! 



Rent is an app created to automate the way real estate agents conduct market analysis for rentals. It is currently being used by the North New Jersey division of Richman Group to price their apartments. It is powered by a Regression Model that is trained weekly on data from rental websites. It was deployed using Heroku and data is stored in in a PostgreSQL database.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 4.08.11 PM.png


Worldly is a D3.js tool that allows users to compare what different world regions care about in world events. Worldly allows you to see the volume of articles that focus on a certain event and compare how another country focused on it. Did you know that India was focused on Brexit before anyone else? Isn't it curious that the U.K. covered Zika as much as the U.S. although it was in no real danger? These are the type of insights that Worldly uncovers!

Data for Worldly was acquired by scraping 3 years worth of articles from newspapers across 5 continents. Data was cleaned, stored in a non-relational data base and then topics were extracted using Non-Matrix Factorization. (It will soon be deployed with Heroku)