Ambition, Why Do You Want It?

"No Ambition, So Whack”
- Jay - Z

You pride yourself in your ambition, your “hustle”
There is a sense that you want to be great or the best you can be
Why do you chase it?

Is it money, recognition, or to fill your competitive edge?
There is a sin in sloth but ambition for external validation is just as bad.
It won’t get you through the tough parts of your journey
It will leave you miserable

And why do you want these things?
In the end we all want tranquility and purpose
Realize that you’re going about it the wrong way
You can tap into these through virtue, doing the Right actions
Tranquility and purpose comes from work, discomfort, and giving
These are paths, not destinations

So beware of your ambitions and instead seek to act virtuously.
Paradoxically, from the outside you may look even more “ambitious”