Life is a Game of Failure

“Baseball is a game of failure… go three for ten over a career and you’re going to the hall of fame.”
- Vice Admiral John G. Margan, Jr.,

You’re right, success in life is a measure of the “wins” you get.
But realize that like baseball, it’s standard in life that the vast majority of your attempts will fail.
So much so that you will be outstanding with a 70% failure rate. 

To get your win count up, all it takes is to go up at bat as many times as you can. 
Accept reoccurring failure and rejection as part of the process. 
This is a standard.

Life then is game of failure. 
The dungeon of rejection and failure then will be your most consistent home. 
This is where you test your assumptions and improve your approach for next time.
Accept this deeply and act as fast and purposeful as possible.