You Are Not Meant For Greatness

Human beings seek the path of least resistance. 
It is hard to achieve success, so we seek shortcuts or tricks.
But the easiest path is the perennial tendency to deceive ourselves. 
Instead of admitting to ourselves that the path is long and we’re not even close,
We tell ourselves that greatness is embedded us like the color in our eyes. 
That we are already great but it’s the world that is mistaken. 
That one day, the world will realize who we are.

You are not special.
You don’t have greatness. 
They are not innate but things you cultivate.
And you have to pay the daily tax of hard work to keep them. 

Believing anything else is to be outside of reality. 
Denying what is in front of you.
That doesn’t make you great, it makes you pathetic.