Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Reality

“ The brain is a virtual reality machine”
- V.S. Ramachandra

All of our conscious experience comes from the brain.
Yet it is locked away in a dark box made of bone.
Without true access to what’s “out there”, the brain creates a subjective reality.
Your 5 senses are your brain’s interpretations of some reality we will never reach. 

This can be immensely empowering.
Because it means that if “reality” is subjective then our thoughts can be infinitely changeable. 
We are not fixed to some external reality but we can have a say into how our brain interprets the external world.
By changing our thought patters and our actions, the brain can adapt to the new reality we want.
When we look in the mirror and see defect, we can change this thought pattern so that we see our strengths. 
A failure becomes learning.
Struggle becomes growing!
This is not superficial.
Your reality is changing, you as a person are changing.
Make this clear in your mind and see your reality change for the better.