Neuroscience Books Are A New Form of Self Help

Self-help has the assumption that you can change.
People reading these type of books already take that to be true and have an opportunity to grow from that. 
But the belief has gradients.
You may believe that you can change your attitude but not your eating habits.
That you can learn to run daily but you won’t get rid of your internet addiction.
All degrees on the belief of brain plasticity. 

When you read neuroscience books though, you start testing these beliefs with harder proof.
And the science is pointing to our brains being more plastic than most can imagine.
Stroke patients returning to their normal lives, raising IQ’s, arms returning to use after nerves are cut off.
Reading them takes you further into the far spectrum of the plastic brain belief.
The human capacity is greatly expanded!

This is extremely empowering. 
You learn that nearly anything is possible: you can learn anything or any person that you want to be. 
All from reading the science behind the brain. 
So read books on neuroscience and watch your world expand.