Strategy: Habit Test Environments

Repetition creates a habit. 
The more you do the more it will be part of you.
Some habits however, you only do once a day (e.g. waking up)
That’s only 7 repetitions a week. 
This can explain how long it takes to develop a habit. 
And the longer it takes to develop, the less the chance you have to develop it all. 

What if you could practice this several times a day?
Before going to bed, practice 5 reps of waking up.
Lay down for 5 seconds and then spring to life, and repeat. 
I’ve found this effective when waking up. 
Jumping out of bed becomes automatic!

Where else can these test environments be set up?
Waking up and going to the gym.
Going to sit down and working.
Cooking a healthy meal.

It may feel odd at first but in time these habits will stick.
And that’s all that matters.