Strategy: The Ulysses Contract

In every decision you mind has two sides.
The impulsive and the rational. 
You carry these in every decision. 
From deciding to eat cake or to watch another youtube video. 

Most of the time, it is the impulsive mind that needs to reigned in. 
This is where we find difficulty. 
The solution is to let the rational mind set up an environment that limits the impulsive mind.
Think of how Ulysses asked his men to tie him when crossing the sirens.
You can do the same. 

Don’t have sweets in your house. 
Keep your laptop outside of your room. 
Don’t bring your cellphone during a meeting. 

You have now limited your impulsive mind’s range of movement. 
It will keep your impulses in check and your actions more consistent.
Watch how much better you get.