Use Your Energy on Important Things Not On What You Will Wear Today

Our energy is finite
With finite resources tradeoffs must be made
Either on the important things or the minutia. 

Working on your resume for the new job you want.

Deciding what you will wear tomorrow. 

They both take energy but one brings you happiness and rewards.
The goal is to direct as much energy as possible on the important stuff and away from minutia

The solutions is automation

Decide beforehand all the details of the minutia.
Decide on the when, where, and what of the little things: cooking, eating, waking up, sleeping
Develop morning and sleeping rituals to the point that you can set timers to each action

You will spend less and less energy deciding the little things
And all this new energy on your big projects

So if you find yourself without too exhausted to do your big projects
Look first to automate all the minutia away