If You Want Bold Results, Make Bold Moves

The times I have tracked my life has always brought improvements
When I track my sleep, I wake up earlier; when I track my diet, I eat better


Being able to track all my actions of my life has been the holy grail
Having data on everything would let me improve in all areas, knowing what works and what doesn’t

But it’s impractical.

Imagine writing down every action you do.
When you go to the gym, have breakfast, meditate, and so on
It would get exhausting
So I thought I would start slow and build up to this

It never worked. 

Tracking came back into my life when I read the Compound Effect
I remembered how powerful a tool it is

It suggested I start small
But I’d been there before. 

Instead I thought of something a bit crazy to do
I would create a schedule where I would velcro new events in as I did them
This is a technique I used when I taught in an autistic classroom, so why wouldn’t it work on me!

There is no guarantee of this working but the first signs are encouraging
I’m so excited to get started and I've seen how working with data physically ( like hardcover books instead of ebooks)

Plus, I know this is not an average thing to do
So it guarantees a new perspective