Success Requires We Not I

Success has it’s roots in giving value to people.

If you want more money, you have to offer value to people in exchange for money.
If you want a powerful network, you have to be valuable to successful people.
If you’re working towards your ideal body, you’re doing it to attract other people.

People, People, People

This is why empathy is such a powerful tool for success- you can offer the value others are looking because you understand their deepest wants. 

Empathy is also hard, it means escaping your own mind to think about the wants of others.
But there is a shortcut.

Next time you work, think of we.
See yourself as a part of the community you’re trying to impact. 

If you want to start a dancing school, think of what kind of value you’re giving to other dancers, ask yourself, “What kind of projects would We gain from?”. 

By thinking of others from the start, you are tapping the root of success. 
Success lies in other people, and by using We you will be closer to that truth.