3 Books I’m Excited to Read

I currently have a stack of about 60 books in my Airbnb. 
This is my travel stack. 

The amount is impractical, it means lugging around 3 trash bags full of books and a full suitcase just to move to my next location.

It’s a pain, but I see it as a necessity. 
Books have given me everything I have. 
They’ve allowed me to not be defined by my past and love the present. 
So I carry this partially unread pile around so I never run out of books. 

What I’ve been currently working on is having a structured approach to my goals, so here are books that I think will take me there:

1. The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker- From what I hear, it focuses on efficiency vs effectiveness. Recently recommended by Ryan Holiday

2. The Entrepreneur Rollercoaster by Darren Hardy- I want to have my own business and I think it will give me some guidelines and expectations. Highly recommended by Derek Sivers

3. Re-read the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy - This book is great in simplifying what it takes to be successful. It’s not easy but it doesn’t have to be grueling either. Rather it’s daily improvements day by day. A must read, and I want to reread the chapter on goals.

Books are life changers, so know that after I knock these off this month, I will be a different person.