The Mindset for the New Marketplace

The marketplace has changed. 
In very fundamental ways. 
College and resumes are dead.
Being Remarkable is the only thing that works. 

Here are three ideas for the new mindset:

1. Be Remarkable in a Niche
If you want to work with everyone, you will work with no one. Instead focus in an area which is then intersection of your interests. Tech education for minority students. Keto weight lifters. Vegetarian coders. Find your niche and aim to be the best in it. 

2. Identify Employer Pain Points
Going after the skills that are popular in your field will leave you pulled in different directions. Never being able to go deep into a subject because you’re playing catch up with the whim of the field. Instead, identify the consistent problems that occur in your niche. Most education companies don’t need deep learning to assess how well a student is doing. They need a remarkable combination, someone with experience in education and data analysis. Once you identify that need in your niche, you can begin to solve it.

3. Solve Them & Show Your Work
You have your niche and its pain points. Now it’s the time to solve them and tell others about your solutions. Because pain points don’t really exists in an industry but within people in an industry. So if you see that tech education companies can improve the metrics they should track, then get a public data set and build those metrics. If you see that a company’s marketing is ineffective, do an MVP with the correct marketing and show the improved results to your future employer. You are offering them value and they will jump at the change to make their live’s easier.