Read for Fun But Never Forget Strategy

There are a few things that compare to the feeling of learning something from a book.
Realizing that the world is more interesting and complex than I thought. 
It’s a drug.

This is great for cultivating the habit of reading. 
You end up reading a ton of books. 
But aside from the pleasure of reading, understand that learning is for action. 
You can read 5 books in a row but if you don’t consolidate all the information into a framework then it won’t be used. It was a waste. 

This is lazy reading.
Reading endlessly but improving only in spurts because the information never gets put to use. 
You’re letting information slips through the cracks, never to be used.

The second half of reading is building an action plan of what you’ve learned. 
Reading the book is never the end. 
So you can read for fun but never forget the strategy.