Forget Willpower, Think Environment

I’m talking to a friend
I feel my phone vibrate

I know I shouldn’t check, but the urge is there
An itch I have to scratch

Whether I overcome this urge or not, I’ve lost the flow of the conversation
My energy is diverted into 2 things, and it's noticeable

That was Then

Now I put my phone on silent
Why worry about willpower when I can change my environment
By removing temptations, I can focus my energy on more important areas

I’ve taken this approach on other areas:
1. I’ve switched to a flip phone
2. I don’t have any carbs in my house
3. I don’t bring my credit card with me unless I know what I’m going to buy

My willpower has not improved drastically
Yet I act like I have no temptations
All due to my environment