Simple Truths are 80% of Success

I have a tendency to overcomplicate things. 

Instead of setting solid time to do work, I try to find the perfect productivity app. 
Instead of trusting my intuition on big decisions, I go online and look at 15 articles. 
Instead of running for 20 mins daily, I try to think of complicated ways to break down my exercise. 

The more complicated something is, the more overwhelmed I get and the less I do. 
The simple solutions are the easiest to implement. 
And for the big things in life: relationships, health, and work, the simple things are the foundation. 

For me, the simple things are:
- Sleep and wake up early
- Stick to Slow Carb Diet
- Save at least 2 Hours for Deep Work

That’s it. 

Doing those things will compound to have significant results. 

Simplification gives me a clear and simple directive. 
It also forces me to act. 
Simplification is the end of deliberation and the beginning of action. 
Any need to complicate is fear of action.

I tell myself that a more complicated answer will require less effort. That’s a lie. 
Deep down I understand the I know enough to succeed. 
But action is required. 

So next time you find yourself looking for the next app or system,
ask yourself: Have I slept 8 hours?