It’s Not About Getting Rid of Feelings, But Accepting Them

There is a trap I often fall into.
I feel fear and then I wish that it was gone. 
The mere fact that I’m thinking about it makes it stay. 
Makes my body react to it. 
Makes it take control.

The other option I have is to accept whatever feeling or sensation I have. 
I don’t fight it. 
I settle into it. 
Amazingly, I still feel the sensations but I feel an incredible release. 

One of the hardest things for me to learn is that the way to peace is not a lack of certain negative emotions but the acceptance of them.
At times you don’t have any control of the emotions and the wisdom to know that releases you to peace. 

So next time you have pains, fear, etc.
Accept them and settle into them. 
The acceptance is what releases you to peace.