Read the Lives of Others to Understand Yourself

I’m currently reading Shoe Dog by Nike’s founder Phil Knight. 
What stands out to me is that he was not like Elon Musk or Sam Walton.
He seems quite… ordinary.

He shares with us his mistakes, his doubts, his weaknesses.
He isn’t the shrewdest negotiator or salesman and he lets us know it.
He works as an accountant because he isn’t sure about his show company.
We all relate to Phil Knight.

At some point however, he made a choice. 
A choice available to any of use. 
He forgo chasing someone else’s dreams and followed his “Crazy Idea”.
He was at a cross roads and decided to “be himself 100% of the time”.
What a goal! To be you 100% of the time. 

With this impetus, a drive to learn and time, he was able to build Nike into what it is today.
I am halfway through and I feel closer to Phil.
I feel like that could be me and that I could do what he did.

When reading memoirs, I see the varied ways people reach their dreams. 
By reading enough I begin to relate to some.
They aren’t myths but people.
I begin to understand my place in the world and what I can accomplish.