Betting On Yourself 100% Is No Longer a Luxury

It’s an accepted fact to say:
If it’s a choice between money or doing what you love, pick the latter.
In the long run, it could actually lead to a more lucrative finish.

But why?

My hypothesis is because it follows this general process:
- You make money when you offer value to other people.
- Scarcity and Demand determine how much value you extract from what you offer. 
- You can’t generally change demand but you can decide to create something that has incredible scarcity.
- The only way to create something of great scarcity is to be an incredibly great craftsman relative to your competition.
- With the high level of competition in this new economy, hard work is not enough. You must tap into the reservoir of energy and creativity that are your natural strengths and interests. 

To me, betting on yourself 100% means trusting your own abilities and interests. Never settling! It’s not only good for your emotional health but it’s a necessity in the new economy.