What I Learned From Future

My spirit animal is Future. 
His style, his energy, it just fits me. 

I think this choice would be a surprise to people that know me. But I can feel when it's a good fit. 
And this is a good fit. 

Like most rappers, he's judged from his most base lyrics but he hides depth behind all that. 
His success is no accident, he's intentional in his approach. 

So here are 3 Things I Learned From Future:

1. Lean into Your Strengths and Who You Are 100%
His album Honest was full of start features, yet it didn't do well. The record label tried to soften him up, tried to make him something he was not. He could of continued to go in that direction but instead he went back to his strength, trap music. He next release was DS2 and a string of acclaimed mix tapes. He bet on himself again when everyone was trying to change him. His success has reached heights it has never gone due to this decision. 

2. Don't get delusional about where your success comes from.
It's a story that repeats itself in the human tragedy: a driven person rises to fame and thinks that they have the magic touch, they can't fail. This is the exact thing that leads to their downfall. Think of Kanye and his clothing line and Tucker Max and his movie. Future has seen this before and has learned from this. In his song Used to This he raps, "Don't ever play yourself, know when it all begins (you know)". He's telling us to keep focused on our craft and not get distracted by the shiny objects around us. Can't say enough of this lesson.

3. Confidence is the most fashionable accessory
This is just the energy he gives out. His style, the way he carries himself, all comes with confidence. He is not ashamed of who he is and he wears himself proudly. If we learn most effectively by seeing, then this is his greatest lesson.