3 Things I learned From My Miracle Morning

I’m never dissapointed when I ask the right people for book recommendations. 

First, these recommendation come from people I know so I can share with them what I’ve learned, and secondly, it’s exciting to know that others around me have filled their lives with such cool ideas. 

This time it’s My Miracle Morning and here are 3 Things I’ve Learned.

1. You Can’t Chase Success, Instead Become The Person that Attracts Success.
I’ve come across this before but it only really clicked when reading this book. Basically, you get all the things you want in life only if you develop personality traits that require you to get it. If you are not hard working you will not become wealthy, if you are not empathetic you will not find love, and if you don’t believe in yourself you will not reach your potential. Trying to chase love without being empathetic drives people to take shortcuts like using canned pickup lines which at works in the short term. When you become empathetic it becomes obvious to the people around you, someone will notice and will seek you out. 

2. Early Risers Have an Edge
I’ve started to wake up earlier since starting my job, to give myself the time to work on that stuff that I love, the work that gives me life, but Hal has reinforced that idea. Rising early, early enough that most people are still in bed, gives you two benefits: 1. Allows for deep concentration and  2. It gives you a strong start to the day. First, by giving yourself the opportunity start working before anyone is awake you give yourself the opportunity to uninterrupted work, deep work!. Secondly, by starting the day having finished exercising, eating, and getting yourself mentally prepared you set yourself that standard for the rest of the day.  

3. Affirmations Make a Huge Difference if You Act Them Out
I am a huge fan of affirmations, I've written them daily since I read Mind Hacking about a year ago and it’s made a huge difference. Hal recommends them too but advocates using your whole body to express them and even saying them aloud. I’ve since taken his advice and the different has been significant. Before it took a while for the affirmation to get stuck in my mind. Now, after I’ve spoken them out loud and acted them out, these new statements ring clear throughout my day. I’ve already seen my behavior start to follow suit and it’s exciting to know how fast and deeply affirmation can impact my quality of life. 


I was a little skeptical about this book because it didn’t have the typical cover or author, but I was wrong. The book is filled with great advice and forces you to believe in your potential. Definitely worth a look!