Want to make money? Help Others

There are many bad habits that schools teach us. 
One that sticks to my mind is that we get rewarded if we do what we're told. 

Do your homework? You move on to the next grade
Finished your report at work? Great! Here's your paycheck. 

It's the process of taking orders and then being rewarded. Like we're being rewarded for being "good" or "adequate". 
You can make a living like that, but know that you're not living in the truth. 
Because you don't get payed for taking orders but you make money by creating value for other people. Basically helping others.
As long you can do that then it doesn't really matter what you do. You can break rules or be "bad" while still achieving monetary success. 
Since you know the source of wealth you can see opportunities others don't see. You have a larger range of motion. You have a bigger ceiling. 

So paradoxically if you're ambitious it may be time to look at the welfare of others!