Personal Websites are the new Resumes

Remember... The Internet Exists!
You're doing a disservice to yourself if resumes are your primary weapon when finding a job. 
It doesn't tell a compelling story, it makes you commodity. 
This is where the internet and personal websites shine, and I'll show you why!

Let's think about this from first principles:
1. You get a job by "WOW'ing" a hiring manager with your skills and personality. 
2. The internet is a tool built to connect people. It also let's people share their work through videos, pictures, and compelling stories. 

So what should follow?
From what I see, what should follow is first, I should use every internet platform available to me to reach out to hiring managers in companies that I want to work for. Second, I should create a home for my work to show to hiring managers in the most compelling way possible. My trials, my successes, and my best work.
Leveraging these new tools available me. 

What do most people usually do?
They google resumes and then mimic resumes and cover letters they think will make them seem "professional". They then send it through the employer's website. It's what the majority of people do, but that must tell you that there's other opportunities around. 

So create you're own website and show off your work, and then send it to people that will see value in it! You will be able to tell your story in a such a compelling way that it will make you stand out from the rest of the 8 X 11 antiques.