3 Things the Internet Made Rare (and Valuable...)

The internet gave us more. 
More of everything it seems. 
More information, more people to connect to, more opportunities, and on and on. 

Could it have possibly taken away other things?

1. Trust
With so many people reaching out to us, the rate that we will encounter people trying to deceive us multiplies. Banner ads, Nigerian Princes,  fake twitter likes- we encounter them every day and as they occur we become less trust worthy of others online. 

The online creators that can be completely transparent, consistent, and authentic will be the ones that will reap the rewards of the internet age. They will save people time evaluating whether they are people worthy of trust. 

2. Coherent Plans
We have all this information but very few underlying threads connecting the pieces together. If I want to lose weight, I can learn about an infinite amount of tactics and methods but no single way of putting them together. We consult google to know what to DO about our problems instead we are tasked with sorting information that literally doesn't end.

The ones that can create and share coherent plans from this firehose of information will win out. They will leverage this gold mine of information to create refined plans to share with people. 

3. Concentration
The outside world has changed dramatically with this new flood of information, but our inside world is still the same. We do and feel our best when we are focused on one thing at a time towards a goal. However, with our phones in our pockets reminding us of other "urgent" event aside from the one in front of us, we lose focus and get diverted to other things. Our stress levels increase and we don't get much done. 

The people that can develop focus and concentration in this age of distraction will flourish in the new economy. Concentration will allow you to pick up new skills quickly and leverage the positive of this new age of information.