Competitive Advantage

If we search for an ordinary life, then moving up the corporate ladder works. 

If we want a life of freedom, we have to be the best at what we do. 
This can sound intimidating and only a few years ago close to impossible- but the internet has changed all that. 

You don't have to be Michael Jordan but Lilly Singh, Eric Barkman, or Scott Young.     
Being the best at the intersection of your strengths and interests. 
The internet has broken the clear demarkations of jobs and skills so it's time to take advantage. 

Who will be the best latino tech iOS blogger?
Who will be the best Youtuber that talks about 19th Century Middle Eastern Poetry?
Who will be the best Pokemon performance artist? (just trying to push the boundaries...)

So start by being aware of your strengths.
Not the ones you want to have but the ones you were born with. 
Then share them to see what is valuable to others.
Rinse and repeat. and repeat. and repeat. 

So find your strengths and find the right community for you!