Data Science in the Real World

Data Scientists pride ourselves in being objective and data driven. 

Using the scientific method, we are able to optimize on specific metrics using the latest tech and creativity. 


When it comes to applying for jobs most throw away the scientific method and just do what they've been told: 

Write the typical resume, with the typical cover letter, apply online,  and then beg for a hiring manager to call them. 

What if we thought of getting a job as our next data challenge?

What if we first defined out target audience (ex: hiring managers in the health sector), packaged ourselves in order to achieve product market fit by getting constant feedback, found a metric that we want to maximize (ex: # of positive responses from hiring managers), and thought of novel ways to reach our audience. 

If we applied the data science methods to our jobs we can uncover our eyes to the infinite options we have. 

So stop limiting your skills to your projects and use them to sell your skill in the new economy.