Strategy: Minimize Time Between Thought And Action

Throughout your day, there are several things that you want to do.
You want to speak up in the meeting, talk to a cute girl, start that new diet plan
As soon as you think of these things another voice comes in, the doubt.
It’ll probably sound stupid, she won’t like me, it’ll be too hard.
You know deep down that these aren’t valid reasons, but you still listen
Because it’s easy.

The solution is to cut down the time between thought and action.
Think of something and then do any action that moves you closer to the goal.
Thinking gets in the way.
Give yourself a limit, let’s say 5 seconds.
You don’t even give the thoughts time come up.

Understand that you will get more rejections but you will also get more wins.
Remember that what is most regretted isn’t attempting but failing to attempt at all.