Mind Maps: Ideate Naturally

When ideas come to us, they comes in spurts and are multi-connected.
That’s how nature works, it’s all interconnected.
Like the power law that rules both venture funds and bees.
We can get glimpses of these connections through ideas that appear to us.
We may be watching a soccer game and then think about war formations. 
It may not be obvious at first but with time you realize the commonalities between soccer and war formations.
Our subconscious mind gives us clues that we have to unravel.
Realize that our thoughts then are not linear but are connected in networks of relatability.
Soccer becomes war which becomes camouflage and tribal tactics. 
The possibilities increase in exponential ways.
We need an exponential tool to capture and growth these possibilities.
Writing is a linear tool and too slow.
Trade it in for mind maps that allow for these networks.

Put no limits to your ideas.
Instead flow according how they want to be released.
Use mind maps and see how good you become.