The Pragmatism of Large Goals

We often shy away from large goals.
It seems easier look for a starting position in a company rather than the high level manager.

But this isn’t true for 3 reasons:
First, when you take “easier” paths then you invite fierce competition.
When you aim for lower level jobs you are competing against an army of over qualified
and energetic recent grads.
A different approach would be to develop skills that would enable you to start higher up, maybe
move to a different country for cheaper living and a higher position, etc.
This touches on the second reason that larger goals are more useful: they make you more creative.
When you aim high, the traditional ways of thinking are thrown out the window and you start with a clean sheet of paper. 
You start thinking unconventionally, from first principles. 
This is where potent strategies are born.
The third reason is that going after larger goals is just more fun! 
They give you a level of motivation that is unthinkable in more modest goals.

And even if you don’t achieve these goals, 
you will be much more valuable by having attained more skills and shown more creativity than others.

Large goals ultimately are the most pragmatic choice for success. 
Society still hasn’t caught up.