Make Testing Second Nature

Work is usually mentioned as the reason for success.
Success = work
This is only part of the equation.
Work that is inefficient, redundant, and ineffective leads to wasted time.
The other part of the equation is learning.
When you learn as you act it creates an upward loop of learning.
It’s fast iteration to the right solution.

This is where testing comes in.
It’s the most effective way of learning. 
It means acting, getting feedback, coming up with hypothesis, and testing them.
By testing in different fields in your life, you learn about what businesses work, about
how you work best, about how to make each unit of effort more effective.
The applications are endless.
Testing is what increases the delta of your work.
Testing makes you adaptable and efficient in ways that others miss.

It is so important that it should be second nature.
As natural as breathing.