The Urgency of Our Time

Game changing technologies exist.
They are deceptive right now…
Too expensive, too big, too hard to use.
This is cryptocurrencies, 3D printing, AI, sensors, robots and the list goes on and on.
Similar to the digital camera a few years ago, they are rare now but will soon be ubiquitous.
But unlike the digital camera, these technologies will have a profound earth shaking influence in our world.
It will be a major reshaping of our economic landscape.
Fortunes will be made and other skills will be made obsolete.
If you’re not preparing you are subjecting your future to the whim of those that do prepare.
Do you want to decide your future or let some future power decide how much universal income you get?
This is the future we’re heading to.
Realize that these changes also offer moments opportunities.
Act now to take advantage!