Pay the Minimum Price for Maximum Creativity

We are nearing major changes in the future.
Blockchain, AI, Infinite Computing etc.
Some human skills will be obsolete, some will appreciate in value.
Manual labor will disappear while skills that computers can’t automate will flourish.
Creativity, Ideation, Empathy, Story Telling.

Your mission is to maximize on creativity and ideation.
The ingredients: time, focus, and fitness.
Forget about money, it will lead to a stagnation of your creativity and long term scarcity.
You still need to pay for the day to day but figure out the the minimum you need.
The minimum to:
- Create for at least 5 hours a day
- Afford paper and pencils to create
- To have wifi so that you can share your art
- Cultivate concentration in focus by not having constantly be on email

Have this number and don’t go any further!
By going any further you’re short changing dream for some petty distractions.