The Illusion of Stability

Most often what we think of stable is anything but:
- The 9 to 5
- Suburbs
- Exercise Routines
- Universities

They offer stability in the short term but ultimately make your fragile in the long term.
Think of universities, they are usually large and bureaucratic. 
They can’t keep pace to the changes in the world. 
A student leaves its ivory towers with a tendency for dependency, outdated information and debt.

The world is increasingly becoming a meritocracy. 
You will get payed according to your skills, so skill building is key. 
Yet, most 9 to 5’s fall are habit producing and have a cap on learning.
You may make money in the short-term but you will be severely handicapped in the long-term. 

The lesson from these fragile institutions is that validity in the short term is the true stability.
By taking calculated risks you are ensuring your adaptation and long term survival.
Staying with man made stability leaves you in bubble that mis prepares you for the real world.