Strategy: Feedback Loops

Our brains were built for a different time. 
A time where we needed immediate results to our problems.
There was danger, so we escaped.
We felt hunger, so we ate.

Our environment however, has changed.
It now prizes delayed results
i.e. investing in a 401k or an education.
Seeking immediate results is often harmful.

Our brain is still wired to still prize the immediate.
To want to solve our problems with immediate actions.
The trick is to then give the brain what it wants while acting for the long-term.
These are feedback loops.

Feedback loops are tools to give your brain small victories while progressing in a long term goal.
Think of the checklist. 
It gives the brain feedback on it’s actions (whether it did the item on the list or not),
and directs it to the next action (the next item on the list).

The goal then is to use your creativity to introduce feedback loops into as many aspects of your life as possible.
Can you use your phone to have reminders for daily things to do?
Is there an opportunity to use a new technology to create feedback loops?
Your imagination is the limit.
By creating environments where your mind thrives, it’s like swimming with the current to better performance.