Strategy: Evolutionary Hijacking

Feathers made their debut in dinosaurs for insulation.
They kept these ancient animals warm in cold days.
But that is not that they are most famous for.
When we see a bird glide through the air it seems obvious that it’s due to it’s feathers.
As if they were designed perfectly for this use. 
Not so, it’s all evolutionary hijacking.

Natural selection is thrifty.
It will use anything already available and find new uses.
Nothing then has a “purpose”, it has as many purposes as many uses you can come up with.
The same is true for us. 

We have competing desires in us. 
Each developed for a specific purpose.
Just like feathers, we can use these to our own purposes.
With our desire for action, we can develop triggers to activate new habits.
Turn our desire for consistency, into knowledge that we can turn anything into a habit. 
With conscious direction we can strengthen whichever drive benefits us.
See yourself as complete malleable and fluid.
Realize what tools nature has provided for you and use them for you own ends.