Strategy: Refine Mental Habits

We use habits to become stronger, faster, smarter. 
Habits for our diet, our exercise routine, work routine. 
We can do the same thing with our inner world, our mindset.

Do you link self criticism to failure?
That’s a habit. 
And you can change it. 

Some steps can be:
Create an affirmation to reframe failure like: “the more I fail, the closer I am to success.”
In the morning, say this out loud to yourself 10 times. 
Set a timer so that twice a day you are reminded to bring this thought up.
Have fun with it: make it a rule that every time you see a red car you will think this thought. 

It takes persistence, but eventually just like any habit, this thought would be automatic. 
You will feel different about failure, and it will change how fast you act and learn.

So lean heavily into mental habits and see how good you become.