If You’re Copying Your Role Models, You’re Not Learning From Them

“The next Zuckerberg will not build a social network… if you’re copying (him) then you’re not learning from him”
-Peter Thiel

This quote highlights the fact that to be truly the best at what you do, 
you have to lean in to your unique talents and interests, not copy others.
Visionaries listen to others but ultimately make their own decisions.
That’s why they are able to innovate- to introduce new value into the market. 
Mark didn’t try to build a search engine like Google or a software company like Microsoft he built his own thing.
What he learned from Larry and Bill the value of taking risks, creating new value, and working hard.

So next time you see world shaking entreprenuer, see beyond what they’re doing and learn the real lessons. 
Forget copying others and see that they optimized for what made them unique.