Learning Act Without Knowledge

Humans have a need to act with certainty. 
Before we make a move, we do research and investigate the possibilities. 
The more we know, we posit, the more we will be able to do. 

This supposes however, that we can truly know the world. 
That we are constantly arriving at an area of Truth. 
That the human mind can truly understand the world to anticipate the future. 
In some ways we can anticipate the world: the sun rising, crops growing etc.
But we are lying to ourselves if we think we can  anticipate the dynamics of the internet, the economy, etc? 

At a certain point we have to understand our limitations and learn to act without knowledge.
By thinking in terms of probability and “I don’t know” you can take two actions:
1. Don’t act
2. Act with the supposition that you don’t know and cover your bases.

The harmful decision that we tend to make however, is to assume that our simplistic
view of the world corresponds to Truth, and make naive decisions that do more harm than

So start with a sense of humility for our human limitations. 
It’s not only virtuous but also pragmatic in the long run.