Strategy: 2 Minute Habits

actions -> habits -> identity

Some of the most worthwhile habits to cultivate are complex.
Running 3 miles a day. 
Doing 4 hours of deep work a day.
They demand focus and resilience for long periods of time. 
Which explains the low level of completion.

The answer, paradoxically, is to not focus on doing them.
Instead, focus on an easier and shorter habits, ones that take 2 mins or less.
Instead of running 3 miles a day, focus on setting a timer and walking out the door.
Instead of 4 hours of deep work a day, focus on getting into your
office closing the door and turning off the wifi.
After you finish these habits you are much more likely to accomplish the next one.
The easier habit becomes a (“hot”) trigger for the next habit.
You build momentum.

So next time you want to cultivate a complex habit, don’t focus on it.
Focus on an easier one instead.