The Secret to Constant Improvement: Take The Hard Option

You have a goal, a mission. 
The ideal work to achieve it takes 2 parts: 
1. It is related to your goal. 
2. It’s challenges you so that you grow your skills.

If it’s not related, then you’re not making the progress you need.
And if it’s not easy, you won’t get any better.

The thing is that while you can always make related work harder, you can’t make hard work related. 
In those moments, when you can’t do the work you want, choose the hardest choice.
The hard work gives you the meta skill of feeling uncomfortable, so that you’re even more ready for your true work.

By focusing on this, no matter what work is presented, you will always grow!
Literally nothing can stop you. 
As long as you’re making you do hard!