The approaches and resources that have worked for me in different areas of life.

I'm very interested in learning yours, feel free to contact me to share ideas!



- Patience is the foundation of strategy.               - Control Your Emotions and Stay Grounded in Reality.                                                                              - Ego is the Enemy.                                                       -  Time is your most precious resource.                 - "Whenever you find yourself in the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect".               - Always ask yourself, " How can I do this twice as big and in half the time?" , to break out of your typical mental habits.             

Resources:                                                                       -  48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene                  - Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday                       - Meditations by Marcus Aurelius                           -  Seeking Wisdom: From Darwin to Munger by Peter Bevelin                                                                  - Zero to One by Peter Thiel                                     - Paul Graham's Essays


- When you can't think big, then think strange.   - Idea creation is muscle, make the habit of creating of idea everyday.                                            -  When you can't think of 10 ideas, think of 20.   -  You only realize what you're thinking once you write.                                             

 Resources:                                                                     - 5 Element of Effective Thinking by Burger & Starbird                                                                             - James Althucher's Blog                                            - Seth Godin Blog


- What creates the best work is uninterrupted focused time on one topic.                                         - Documenting is as good as finishing                   - Being busy and effective are two different things. What you do is more important than how you do it.                                                                 -  Focus on the long-term. Creating a habit of work is more beneficial than a binge and following burn-out.                           

Resources:                                                                      -  Deep Work  by Cal Newport                                   -  Linchpin by Seth Godin                                           -  Show Your Work by Austin Kleon                         - Originals by Adam Grant   


- We attract people like ourselves. If we constantly meet people we don't like, it's time to look inward.                                                                - The way we treat others is a way of seeing how we treat ourselves.                                              - You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.                                               - Go to bed angry. It's ok to wait for cooler heads to resolve problems.             

Resources:                                                                      -  All About Love by Bell Hooks                                - The Truth by Neil Strauss                                          - The School of Life


- The Standard Pace is for Chumps.                         - Learn Deeply first then Broadly.                             - Measure what you're learning to it's practical applications. If it has little or no impact, your time will be better used elsewhere.                        - Learning from experience should be your last resort. Better to learn from others.                         - Learn Daily, from everyone, and everywhere. 

 Resources:                                                                     - The 4 Hour WorkWeek by Tim Ferriss                   - Derek Siver's blog                                                      -  The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzin                   

Data Science

- As opposed to school, learn not by theorizing but by doing.
- Jump into projects as soon as possible, don't waste time learning every aspect of a language, you will learn those things as you go.
- Dive deep into a subject rather than jumping around learning the newest language or package. Learn the fundamentals - those never change.                                                                  

- Jose Portilla's Data Science Courses                   - Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Raschka                                                                           - Machine Learning Mastery