My Mission

I am driven by DEFY

- Defy Normal
I deeply believe that being normal is a disadvantage. We are all different and should act like it. When you act like a "normal" person then you don't work as hard or build as cool of stuff. Plus you introduce competition by going into a crowded field. I defy normal because it's boring and ineffective. 

- Defy Mediocre
I deeply believe that giving up on yourself is the saddest thing you can do. You deprive yourself and ,most importantly, the world of happiness and value. When you accept anything except going full force after your dreams, then you're already dead. I defy mediocre because it's tragic and selfish. 

- Defy Injustice
I deeply believe that everyone in this world has intrinsic value and deserves the chance to live a full and happy life. We are all equals in this regard. To protect this for others is one of our highest ideals. When someone else is suffering, you help with as much as you can. I defy injustice because all human beings have a right to be respected.