Things don’t just keep up by themselves.
They require extreme work by each of us.

When you walk down the street and see it clean,
The lack of pot holes
The Food in the Shelves

Realize that someone stayed up all night to make that happen
Ideally you can plan all this but some things change and someone has to fix them
Realize that the work you do is the work that we must all do to make the world stable

Money is Cheap, Freedom is Expensive

- Bill Cunningham Inspired -

No matter how much money you make, if you spend more of it (and you always can) you will lose your freedom.
A true measurement of freedom is not what you make but how much you spend, how much you really need.
Not wanting is the ultimate freedom because you can allocate the time you used to make money to things you really wanted to do.

Making money is not as important for freedom than:
- Spending less money
- Not Wanting Things

If you are working purely to make more money then you are selling your most important asset, time, and also selling meaning in the process. Selling your life for an insatiable need for more.

Only 2 Types of Rules

There are only 2 types of rules.

1 type is made by you, what you want to work on, when to wake up, etc.

But we don’t have full control.
Try deciding to skip sleep or avoid anything difficult.
Pain & loss of meaning is inevitable.

There are some that are almost made by “god”
They are moral rules.

These you cannot skip.
These not only avoid pain but also help you with meaning.

Only 2.
Aside from these, any ones put on by others are only rules if you want them to be.